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The Benavidez Bag

The Benavidez Bag

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Named for Roy Benavidez, Medal of Honor Recipient in Vietnam, the Benavidez Bag is our most complete survival kit, preparing you for any disaster, emergency situation, societal collapse, zombie attack, etc. With this bag slung over your shoulder, you will be ready to survive and thrive in any situation, provided you practice the skills in our learning section and practice utilizing the tools provided below. 

Components of the Benavidez

-Hiking Bag, 80 Liter. 


-Sleeping bag with Bivvy Sack

-Full tang knife

-Water Purifier, Grayl

-7 days supply of food. 

-Fishing Gear


-Headlamp x2

-Water receptacle x3

-Fire starting kit, robust 


-U.S. Road Atlas


-Cargo Tape

-550' Cord

-Radio, communication x2

-Batteries, 18

-Charging Station



-Medical Kit, Trauma and sustained field care

-Field handbook

-Sewing kit (Darning Needles)


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